Sphynx — a magic word that can arouse associations. Pyramids, sand, mysticism of ancient Egypt. And what is a Sphynx cat? This is the real magic consisting of flesh and blood. This cat is a figurine. Soft lines of the body, the magic of harmony, green eyes looking right into the heart. This is not a cat, its poetry. Sphynx can’t be called a cat because it’s a creature that came to us from another planet. This is the incarnation of all the best that we have in nature and in human. They are very similar to humans: their paws are like hands, they love to sleep under a blanket with pink ears on the pillow looking straight in your eyes (which is not typical for animals).

This cat will shock you. First — you will be shocked when you first see the Sphynx. Nobody remains indifferent to this amazing creature.
Second — you will be shocked of the feeling of hot, naked, suede body in your hands. Who dares to take this creature in his hand would never let it go.
Third — you will be shocked by the magic of Sphynx character. When you communicate with the Sphynx its unusual exotic appearance seems only addition to its amazing character. This creature does not stand loneliness; it wants a permanent communication with you. This cat appreciates more the fact that he has you, not the house. Sphynx need to be around you, look at you, sleep with his body cuddled to you. And don’t forget to kiss him in the nose.
It is strange, but the fact is that once you have the Sphynx, you will never want any other cat, it will steal a way into your heart. And life will be divided into periods: before and after the Sphynx.

Canadian Sphynx is considered as one of the most loving breeds. It is very peaceful and devoted to human. If you are tired of pet’s stalking attention and of his desire to constantly be near you, do not take Sphynxes because they won’t leave you alone even for a moment. Moreover, Sphynxes has a big need for human involvement. If the cat needs something, she will constantly remind about this meowing loudly. Sometimes though there are quarrelsome characters with a rebellious nature, but among cats, who value every minute of communicating with people, you won’t find a lot of them. And this the great merit of breeders who have long worked on the character of the Sphynxes, avoiding aggressive animals for breeding.

Sphynxes are very curious. They will never hide when guests came to the house — the desire to meet new people will prevail over all fears. Sphynxes are very mobile and won’t give up the opportunity to climb as high as possible or to spend time playing games with children. Canadians get along with other animals and would not mind if someone will share with them the owner’s love. Sometimes it’s easier to make acquaintance with the dog than with a breed fellow. By the way, to bring some joy to the owner Sphynxes can perform simple commands. So, if you wanted to get a dog, but bought naked cat you also can teach her to bring light objects and perform tricks that do not contradict her feline nature.

Hairless cats are very intelligent; they easily would get what they need even if it’s put safely away. Here is what the owner of the Rinkurl cattery Lisa Bressler says: "Sphynxes first watch and then start to try to do something on their own, they learn. My cat easily opens the locked room door with a paw (which is very similar to the hand), moves the latches. My cats know how to get dry food from a container: you have to press in a certain way on the lever and feed granules will fall into the bowl. I bought a container, so cats couldn’t steal their food and I could keep track of the volume and frequency of meals. But one of the cats saw what and how I do, learned it, and now others go to him and ask to feed them.
Sphynxes love to eat well and do mischief. They should not be left alone near the dinner table — that’s what an American breeder Dee Dee Cantley think. «I took the turkey out of the freezer and put it in the sink to defrost. Then I went to the store for a short while, — says breeder. — Upon returning I saw my five Sphynxes clutched the turkey and going to drag her to a safe place to eat quietly. I took away the turkey and Sphinxes took a big offence.

Sphynxes are good at making funny cat show, their life motto is: «Look at me!». The Sphynxes is easy to communicate and they love to talk.

About her pets’ tricks tells breeder Britney Gobbl: «One day I heard a strange grinding and then noise of something fell on the wooden floor. I went to see what was happening and saw the kittens were doing amazing stuff. They all lined up (like children on a hill), then one by one climbed on a small chair and then jumped from it flopping down in a bowl of dry food. Granules flew into the air then skipped across the floor and happy kitten ran back to stand in line again!»