«Nude» Sphynxex colors genetics

Sphynxes’ color genetics is no different from ordinary cats color genetics. But there is a difficulty with the correct determination of the colors such as cream, lilac. It’s not possible to determine the shaded group colors (smoke, chinchilla). Nevertheless, the Sphynxes are subject to the general rules of colors inheritance, which are described in details below:

Dominant and recessive colors.


White points (bicolor, harlequin, van) dominate the solid color
Black dominates the blue
Black dominates the chocolate
Black, chocolate and blue dominate the lilac
Red dominates cream
Black tortie dominates blue-cream
Patterned colors (tabby) dominate plain colors
Solid color dominates color (point, mink, sepia)
Color group symbols:
cscs — point (the eyes color range from the violet and blue to blue)
cbcb — sepia (golden eyes)
cscb — mink, a combination of point and sepia (eyes color range from blue to aqua)

As seen from the genetic formula mink color doesn’t exist in the nature! This is the color that the kitten can get only from a colors specific combination of both parents (including recessive carrier) specifically:

  1. when breeding point and sepia
  2. when breeding point and mink
  3. when breeding mink and mink
  4. when breeding mink and sepia

You will never get mink by breeding point and point, sepia and sepia (and it doesn’t matter that these sepia and point were born from mink). This color is very unpredictable because of its recessivity in relation to other colors. This mean that cat with mink color and can be born from parents of almost any color (white, black, tiger, red, spotted, etc.), but one of them must be the point carrier and the other must be the sepia carrier.

Kittens of this color are always born completely white, but after a while they become darker in the points places — muzzle, ears, paws and tail. Moreover, since the hairless cats not being selected by the points contrast, you can be seen almost completely darkened Sphynx body. And if he sunbathes he will be black with blue eyes — very impressive!