You can find a variety of information about the hairless cats breed on our site: Sphynx, Bambino, Elves; photos of kittens, origin story, articles, and content. Also you can find information about how to take care of bare kittens, pregnancy, parturition and physiology and stay tuned about “Magnificent” cattery news. We are glad to offer you our beautiful kittens.

They are amazing, warm and loyal creatures. Their love is sincere and selfless. They are sociable, sweet and trusting. When they communicate with you – they are like children. When they play – they are like monkeys. You can find a bit from a dog and a bit from a parrot in them. But be sure that you definitely will find a wonderful friend!


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IMG_4072Our cattery breeds Canadian Sphinxes, Elves, Bambinos and Dwelves.LESS QUANTITY – MORE QUALITY – this is our motto.Original Sphynx, Elf or Bambino cat are expensive animals. Owners of solemn catteries spend huge amount of money to buy really luxury animals, they spend money on their management, on participation in exhibitions, etc.

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